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Grading Systems

4th dan student demonstrates a throw from oku-no-kata
4th dan student demonstrates a throw from oku-no-kata

Hontai Yoshin Ryu uses the Japanese kyu (級) or beginner grades, represented by different coloured belts from white through to brown, and the higher level dan (段) grade system.

Being awarded their first black belt or shodan grade is a significant step in every student’s martial arts progression. Most importantly, the first dan is when a student becomes an official member of Hontai Yoshin Ryu and their name is registered with the sohonbu dojo in Japan.

As with other traditional Japanese arts, there are also instructor levels known as den (伝) grades.

Current Members

Below are the currently active members in Hontai Yoshin Ryu UK and their grades as of 1st January 2020

Dr Mike McClure6th Dan (Okuden)
Patrick Browne5th Dan (Chuden)5th Dan
David Malvern 4th Dan (Shoden)4th Dan
Dean Shanley 4th Dan3rd Dan
Dmitry Dudko 4th Dan3rd Dan
Kit Kemp-Gee 4th Dan3rd Dan
David Richardson 4th Dan3rd Dan
Richard Hicks 3rd Dan
Rod Kowald 3rd Dan2nd Dan
James Ewens 3rd Dan2nd Dan
Tom Swales 3rd Dan2nd Dan
Denise Pate 3rd Dan2nd Dan
Henry Napierala 3rd Dan2nd Dan
Akiko Motumura2nd Dan2nd Dan
Sarah Todd2nd Dan
Sam Lim2nd Dan
Kare Laukkanen2nd Dan1st Dan
Kirk Atkinson2nd Dan
Mubasher Raza2nd Dan1st Dan
Matthew Gallagher2nd Dan2nd Dan
Brandon Macdonald1st Dan
Phillipe Marchal1st Dan1st Dan
Thomas Shortall1st Dan1st Dan
Jay O’Beirne1st Dan
Rob Pollard1st Dan1st Dan
Sergey Maloletkin1st Dan
Neil Bucknall1st Dan
Jeremy Carroll3rd Dan
Andrew McCormack3rd Dan
Charles Bermudez2nd Dan

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