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Japan, Sohonbu Dojo under the sole control of the 19th Soke INOUE Kyoichi Munenori.

Official Branches

Below are the only official representatives of Hontai Yoshin Ryu outside Japan, all of whom report directly to the 19th Soke. These are the sole sources of valid information about recognised dojos, instructors, and classes in their respective countries.

Australia under Sensei David Montebello.

Belgium under Sensei Guy Buyens.

Finland under Sensei Mikko Sallinen.

Italy under Sensei Stelvio Sciutto.

United States under Sensei Brian Barnes.

Estonia (sub-branch) under Sensei Priit Dello.

Sweden (sub-branch) under Sensei Olle Borg.

Germany (training group) under Michael Wagner.

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