Grande Place, Brussels, Netherlands

2020 Taikai and Weekly Training Postponed

Following recent UK government guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we have taken the decision to close all the UK dojos and postpone training until further notice.

Please look after yourselves and also consider the health of others around you during this difficult time.

We will update here when it is considered safe and sensible to recommence training.

In addition, a message from the Belgian Branch taken from the original Facebook announcement here

Dear friends,

Things are getting more and more serious in Belgium regarding the Corona virus. Restaurants are closed and all public activities are cancelled. People are advised not to travel and to stay as much as possible at home. But the worse has still to come since new cases are still growing exponentially.

Our training has been suspended and I had a phone call with Soke, who confirmed that also in Japan the dojo is closed and local enbu are cancelled.

We also discussed the International Taikai and together with Soke, we took the decision to postpone the Taikai until September or later, depending on the availability of the training facilities, people’s schedule (of course Soke’s agenda) and the situation regarding the Corona virus. We will discuss this with Soke and the different branch heads before taking a final decision on a new date.

I am deeply sorry for this but be assured that rescheduling a Taikai is not something we do for fun.

We will inform you about a new date once we have a clear view on the situation. In the meantime be safe and I hope to see all of you in good health later this year.

Guy Buyens