Dan Grades Dan Grades

Dan Grades

Being awarded a black belt or dan grade is an important step in every students martial arts progression. Most of all, the 1st Dan is when a student becomes an official member of Hontai Yoshin Ryu and their name is registered with the sohonbu dojo in Japan.

Below are the currently active members in Hontai Yoshin Ryu UK and their grades as of 26th August, 2009.

Dr Mike McClure6th DanBudokwai
Patrick Browne4th DanBudokwai
David Malvern4th DanDevon / Budokwai
Bob Billson3rd DanBudokwai
Richard Hicks3rd DanBudokwai
Dean Shanley3rd DanDevon / Budokwai
Rod Kowald3rd DanBudokwai
Hok Lam Wong3rd DanBudokwai / Switzerland
Rod Phelps3rd DanBudokwai
Jeremy Carroll3rd DanBudokwai
Andrew McCormack3rd DanCarlisle Dojo
Akiko Motomura (Iai)2nd DanBudokwai
Charles Money-Kyrle2nd DanBudokwai
Sarah Chambers2nd DanBudokwai
Nick Norman2nd DanBudokwai / Finland
Anthony Browne2nd DanBudokwai
Samuel Lim2nd DanBudokwai / Spain
Charles Bermudez2nd DanBudokwai
David Richardson (Iai)1st DanDevon
Kirk Atkinson1st DanBudokwai
Andrew Mayes1st DanBudokwai
James Ewens1st DanBudokwai
Brandon MacDonald1st DanBudokwai
Umberto Pirera1st DanBudokwai / Italy
Ebbe Rogge1st DanBudokwai
Tom Swales1st DanBudokwai
Dmitriy Dudko1st DanBudokwai