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Hontai Yoshin Ryu UK - Barnstaple Dojo

Sensei Dave Malvern, 4th Dan
Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Jujutsu, Iaijutsu, Bojutsu, Hanbo and Kodachi
Pathfield School
Abbey Road
EX31 1JU
Directions to the Dojo:

The dojo is in the Pilton area of Barnstaple.

Dave Malvern, 4th Dan Dave Malvern 4th Dan
About the Instructors

Training is lead by Sensei Dave Malvern, 4th Dan, assisted by Dean Shanley, 3rd Dan and David Richardson, 1st Dan.

Dave Malvern also holds 2nd Dan in Iai jutsu and the club has a good balance between open-hand, sword and weapons training.

Over the years, his work has placed him in London for large periods of time where he is one of the assistant instructors at the Budokwai under Dr Mike McClure. He continues this role whenever work allows.

Although the dojo has only recently been opened, for nearly 10 years there have been students in Devon studying Hontai Yoshin Ryu weapons, with regular visits from Budokwai members and teachers.

Further information:

If you have any further questions about training at the Barnstaple Dojo, please call Sensei Dave on 07971 866 159 or Sensei Dean on 07974 719 848.